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Claims assistance application


Application will be used by the team who are responsible for the smooth operations of 24/7 customer call service.

It must be designed to conveniently collect and handle a large amount of insurance claim data. Once it has been collected, it will be converted into a valid claim file.


Journey map

User starts by choosing what he wants to do – create a new case or open an existing one from the list.

Most of the time user spends inside the case by collecting data.

Once the data has been collected, it may be converted into a valid claim file and the case can be closed.


Concept of idea

We started research from the basic form solution. It has pluses and minuses, but in our case, the most significant minus is that this solution isn‘t designed to fill large and complex forms throughout the day.

So, we asked ourselves what the current existing solution is considered to be the best way to collect and fill a large amount of data as conveniently as possible.

The answer is –  spreadsheet. 

We have set ourselves the challenge of combining these two best practices!

And became to solution which works very well at the moment.


Project is in progress and will be  updated...